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This is a Christian Site that was designed and created to help us in our spiritual exercise. God bless you as you enjoy this work

come to me all ye that labour and are overburden, and i will give you rest
says the Lord

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Daily Prayers Daily Prayers O Word of the Father

O Word of the Father, that camest into this world, and wast made Flesh! O Lamb of God, that tak

Devotional Prayers Daily Devotion LITANY OF SAINT CATHERINE OF SIENA.

Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us.Lord, have mercy on us.Christ, hear


Judges 6 : 11 - 24, Matt 19 : 23 - 30.Today's gospel is a follow up from yesterday's

Novena Daily Novena Novena for Surrendering to the Will of God

Novena for Surrendering to the Will of God - Day 1Join in praying the Novena for Surrendering to

Holy Mass Introductory Rite

The sacrifice of the Holy Mass is the greatest prayer. It is ever refreshing to partake in such holy celebration

Latest News Mozambique: Children as young as 11 beheaded by insurgents Mozambique: Children as young as 11 beheaded by insurgents

A new Save the Children statement reveals shocking crimes perpetrated towards children in Mozam

Stations Of The Cross

The 14th Stations of the cross

Let us follow our Lord Jesus Christ on His way to Calvary.

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Some important news of the church.

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Life transforming articles

Some important articles of the Church.

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