Virginia shooting: Two killed and five injured at high school graduation
7, June, 2023

Shooting that took place in a high school graduation ceremony in Richmond, Virginia has killed two persons and injured five. The shooting outside the Atria Theater sent students in graduation gowns running for safety, US media reports. School officials say the shooting took pl

Ukraine war: Evacuation in progress after Russia blew up dam
6, June, 2023

Evacuate of people is progress downstream of a major dam which has been blown up by Russian in Ukraine. President Zelensky said 80 towns and villages were at risk of flooding after the destruction of the dam at Nova Kakhovka, which he blamed on Russia. Water is surging down th

Atleast 15 persons have died and many missing as torrential rains hit Haiti
6, June, 2023

Authorities have announced that atleast 15 persons have died, eight more are missing, with the death toll expected to rise as torrential rains caused widespread flooding. Belts of heavy rain, started on Friday and have intensified during the weekend, causing nationwide flooding and land

Russian spy found dead in US prison
6, June, 2023

Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent but turned-Russian spy was notorious as one of the most damaging spies in US history has been found dead in US prison. He was discovered at a maximum-security facility in Florence, Colorado, on Monday morning. Hanssen, 79, received more than $1.4m

War with US would be unbearable disaster, says China defence minister
5, June, 2023

China's defence minister has said war with the US would be an "unbearable disaster" for the world in his first major speech since taking on the role. At a security summit, General Li Shangfu said "some countries" were intensifying an arms race in Asia.

Australia: Woman pardoned after spending 20 years in jail for death of her children
5, June, 2023

A woman known as "Australia's worst female serial killer" has been pardoned after new evidence suggested she did not kill her four infant children. Kathleen Folbigg spent 20 years in prison after a jury found she killed sons Caleb and Patrick, and daughters Sarah and Laura

Ukrainian offensive against Russia thwarted
5, June, 2023

Russian authorities have claimed that they thwarted a major Ukrainian offensive in Donetsk and have killed 250 troops and destroyed armoured vehicles. Video of what Russia says is the battle appears to show military vehicles coming under heavy fire in fields. But there has bee

Ukraine War: Russian strike in city of Dnipro kills a toddler
5, June, 2023

Kyiv says toddler has been killed and 22 injured after a Russian air strike in a residential area of the Ukrainian central city of Dnipro. The war in Ukraine was further escalated beyond its borders on Sunday with Russian authorities accusing Kyiv of attacking targets inside Russian territory.

Iranian authorities frees European prisoners
3, June, 2023

Austrian officials have voiced their relief after two of the country's citizens were released by Iran after years of imprisonment in the country. Dual Austrian-Iranian nationals Kamran Ghaderi and Massud Mossaheb were freed as part of a prisoner swap involving Europeans and an Irani

India train crash: More than 260 dead and 650 injured in the collision
3, June, 2023

Officials say that at least 260 people have been killed and 650 are injured in a crash involving three trains in India's eastern Odisha state. One passenger train derailed and its coaches fell on to the adjacent track where they were struck by an incoming train on Friday evening. A

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