Guinea former ruler escapes from prison
4, November, 2023

Guinea's justice minister said that the country's former military ruler, Moussa Dadis Camara has escaped from prison with the help of armed men. The group stormed a jail in the capital, Conakry, early on Saturday morning - freeing Capt Camara and three others. One has since been

US attacks bases used by Iran-linked groups in Syria
27, October, 2023

Two weapons and ammunition storage facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran's Revolutionary Guards have been destroyed by US air strikes. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the strikes were in response to recent attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria by Iranian-backed militia gro

Maine Shooting: Manhunt for suspect enters second day
27, October, 2023

The manhunt for a US Army reservist suspected of murdering 18 people and injuring 13 others in a mass shooting in Maine has entered its second day. Police say Robert Card is armed and dangerous and are asking people to shelter inside their homes for safety. On Thursday night,

South Korea: Court rules against gay sex in the military
27, October, 2023

Activists have labelled the judgement by South Korea's constitutional court which upheld a law banning same-sex relations in the military a setback for LGBT rights. The court said same-sex relationships could harm troops' combat-readiness and undermine discipline. Same

Many Palestinian gunmen infiltrate Israel from Gaza Strip after attack
7, October, 2023

Dozens of gunmen from the Palestinian militant group Hamas have infiltrated southern Israel from the Gaza Strip in a surprise attack. Videos being shared on social media appeared to show Palestinian militants shooting at passers-by in the streets of the Israeli town of Sderot.

Activists accuse Iran hijab police of beating girl into coma
5, October, 2023

Activists accuse Iran hijab police of beating girl into coma for not wearing a hijab Armita Geravand, 16, collapsed after boarding a Tehran metro train at Shohada station on Sunday. Officials said she fainted and released CCTV footage in which she is seen being pulled unconsci

Biden family's dog leaves White House after biting incidents
5, October, 2023

The Biden family's dog known as Commander, has been moved out of the White House after a series of biting incidents. It is still being decided what will happen to the two-year-old German Shepherd, a spokeswoman for First Lady Jill Biden said. Just last week, Commander bit

Afghan asylum seekers in Pakistan ordered to leave by November
5, October, 2023

Pakistan has ordered all unauthorised Afghan asylum seekers - an estimated 1.7 million people - to leave the country by November. A spike in attacks along the two countries' border, which Islamabad blames on Afghanistan-based operatives, has escalated tensions this year. I

As tension rises US urges Serbia to withdraw troops from Kosovo border
30, September, 2023

The US is urging Serbia to withdraw what it says is a large military build-up on the country's border with Kosovo. It follows an attack last Sunday during which some 30 gunmen were involved in a gun battle with Kosovo police in the Serb-majority northern Kosovo. In the pas

Storm Daniel: Farmers in Greece count their losses
30, September, 2023

In Greece, farmers are counting the cost of the devastating floods that hit the centre of the country after Storm Daniel in early September. Fruit trees, corn and around a fifth of Greece's cotton crop have been destroyed and over 200,000 animals and poultry killed. Estima

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