Lebanon: Demonstrations from customers continues due to currency crisis
19, March, 2023

Demonstrations from customers continues due to Lebanon’s currency falling to a new low this week and as the economy continues to be battered. The political and economic crisis in the country has had a devastating effect on the Mediterranean nation. The currency has been sinking si

Judicial reform in Israel causes unrest
17, March, 2023

As unrest continues in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a mediating proposal suggested by President Issac Herzog. Despite President Herzog’s warning that Israel was on the verge of civil war, Netanyahu insists his administration will continue to push through

Cyclone Freddy:  Countries hit are paying price of climate change
16, March, 2023

The death toll in Malawi from tropical cyclone Freddy has risen to over 220, thousands of people have been displaced and aid workers are struggling to reach remote areas. Climate campaigners highlight how the poor, the least drivers of climate change, are paying its highest price. After

Uganda: Three die and many injured as truck rams into classroom
15, March, 2023

Three students were killed after a truck rammed into their classroom at a school near the capital, Kampala. At least 18 other learners were injured in the incident at Kasaka Secondary School on Tuesday afternoon. The truck got nearly halfway into the building and tore up part

Abortion: Polish Activist sentenced for providing pills to end pregnancy
15, March, 2023

A Polish Activist  has been found guity and sentenced to eight months of community service for illegally helping another woman to have an abortion. Abortion has been almost completely banned in Poland and Justyna Wydrzynska is thought to be the first activist to be tried for aiding

Malawi storm: death toll rises to 200
15, March, 2023

Death toll has risen above 200 in Malawi after Tropical Storm Freddy ripped through southern Africa for the second time in a month. Huge amounts of brown water have cascaded through neighbourhoods, sweeping away homes. Malawi's commercial hub, Blantyre, has recorded most o

At least 99 deaths recorded in Malawi tropical storm
14, March, 2023

The death toll in Malawi from Tropical Storm Freddy rose to 99 on Monday, with 85 deaths recorded in the city of Blantyre alone, the authorities said. The country is struggling to contain the effects of the storm, which has wreaked devastation particularly in 10 of the country’s s

Democratic Republic of Congo: At least 17 killed by ADF rebels in east DR Congo
13, March, 2023

Suspected rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces have killed at least 17 people in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo - the second mass killings in less than a week. They also set fire to buildings during the dawn raid on Kirindera in North Kivu province. On Wednesday,

Costa Titch: Many pay tribute after rapper Costa Titch dies
13, March, 2023

South Africans continue to pay tribute to rapper Costa Titch who died over the weekend after collapsing while performing at a music festival in Johannesburg. The musician, real name Constantinos Tsobanoglou, was 28. His family confirmed the death in an Instagram post. Footage

Saudi Arabia and Iran to restore diplomatic ties
13, March, 2023

Saudi Arabia and Iran are set to resume diplomatic relations after a long rift between the two Middle Eastern nations. After years of diplomatic silence, Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to restore diplomatic relations. Considering previous attempts at reconciliation have bee

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