Daily Reflections

Reflection on SALVATION

Salvation which is an indispensable element in all religions, is provided in one way in both Old Testament and New Testament, and also rooted in grace, faith and sacrifice. However, there are variant
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Reflection on ALL SAINTS

The English word "saint" comes from the Latin "sanctus". The word translated in Greek is "ἅγιος" (hagios), which means "holy". While the English word “saint” originated in Christianity, hist
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Reflection on ABORTION


There are virtually no new sin on earth, we only have new forms of perpetuating the sin, and points in history when the evil is either at its high or low point. The evi
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Reflection on ANNULMENT

The Catholic Church presumes that every legitimate Marriage is valid and binding for life unless proven otherwise. This presumption is based on ce
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Reflection on ASH WEDNESDAY

The threshold of Lent is crossed on Ash Wednesday. But the following days constitute a “porch” leading to the great door that will be opened on the following Sunday. This is a threshold that we mu
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Reflection on LENT

Despite all that can but our perception of it secularization, neopagan carnival celebrations, less rigorous penitential observance, etc. for today Christians, lent remains the unparal
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