12th Station

Twelth  station of the cross depicting Jesus is nailed to the cross

12th Station– Jesus dies on the cross

Leader: We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You.

All: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

For three hours, Jesus has hung upon His pierced hands. His blood has run in streams down his body, and onto the ground. In the midst of excruciating suffering, he has pardoned his murderers, given heaven to the good thief, and committed his blessed mother to his beloved disciple’s care. His mission of love has been accomplished. He bows his head and gives up his Spirit to God.


O Jesus, we devoutly embrace your saving cross, on which you died so that we may have eternal life. We hail your cross, and lovingly accept our own.

• Our Father

• Hail Mary

• Glory Be

Leader: May the souls of all the faithful departed.

All: Through the mercy of God rest in peace.

May they rest in peace


Prayer Request